Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Witch Child by Celia Rees

Fourteen year old Mary was not your average teenager. Her life wasn't composed of music, school, and boys. Mary was a girl living in the time of the witch hunts in the American colonies. After Mary's grandmother, is dragged off and killed for being a witch, Mary flees to the only place she thinks is safe. Rumors spread and now she is exposed to the new world of living in fear and danger. In this book, it follows the journal of a girl living with the secret that could end her life. She faces new challenges and meets new people, all of which affect the outcome of her life.

The only thing I could think of when I finished reading this book was “Wow.” Not only did it leave you with that chilling realization that this happened in colonial times, it also kept you off the edge of your seat. I found myself screaming at the last few pages of the book, wondering how the author could have left us with what she did. I don't want to give up anything that happens but, if you see it, you should really go out and pick up this book.

I seriously couldn't put down this book. No matter how hard I tried, I also found myself going back to it. The way Mary's journal entries are laid out, it doesn't seem like your reading a book. I felt like I was literally looking into this girls journal and and reading about her every day life.

At first I thought this book would be predictable, but the author quickly changed my opinion on that. I found that everything I predicted was basically proven wrong. I have yet to pick up the sequel of the the book, Sorceress, but its on my list of reads.

Rating- 4 stars

Monday, September 28, 2009

Gringolandia by Lyn Miller-Lachmann

When Daniel was 12 years old his father was dragged away by Chilean soldiers claiming that he has broken the law. Daniel's father, Marcelo, is put through torture, at time s being beaten until he no longer had use to the right side of  his body. 6 years later, After being relocated into the Americas, Daniel and his mother and sister live a simple and safe life.  When they recieved the call that Marcelo was being released  they couldnt have been happier. A husband and father was finally coming home. All this changed however when he finally came home. There was no longer a fun loving man in what was left of the body. Instead there was a man bitter and cold. Daniel must now help his father cope with this new life. But how can he with a man he doesnt even recognize.

When i first started this book i was amazed by how detailed the chapter was. I actually felt like i was there with Marcelo when he was being interrogated. I absolutly loved how the author was also able to incooperate the chilean culture throughout the whole book. One thing that i didnt like was that the chapters changed with the characters point of view. I found myself becoming confused as to who was talking. I also with they had more of a back story as to why marcelo was arrested. Another thing i really wanted to see was an epilogue or some sort of after story. At the end i was still left with many questions such as what happened when he went back? Did the family ever reunite. I did feel the emotions of the character based on the descriptions provided. I felt scared when he was interrogated. I felt nervous when Daniel was finally meeting his father again. i was sad when Daniel found out his parents were getting a divorce.  I would recommend this book to anyone who is into a book with a really deep back story. Although the author didnt directly say what had happened before the fact, you still got a taste of what it was about.

Rating: 3 Stars

Hello All!!!

Welcome to my brand new book blog.

I am obviously here because i love reading books. I have been one of the many teens plagued with the love of reading. Hopefully this blog actually works out. I always seem to start one but never follow through with it.

Let me introduce myself, i guess:

My name is Lupa. Great name, don't you think? I am a 15 year old book fanatic. I always have my nose buried in some type of book. I have many interests varying from reading to drawing. I love sports but find myself always getting hit in the head with something.

Some of my favorite authors would have to be Stephenie Meyer, Dan Brown, and Shannon Hale. Dont worry, i love all of the rest equally. My favorite book would have to be Searching for David's Heart. I know, its corny but it was the first book that really touched me. i actually did cry in it. It was what really started my love of reading.

Im really looking forward to reading and reviewing for all of you out there. I am always looking for feedback so just leave a comment. =)

-Lupa :D