Monday, September 28, 2009

Hello All!!!

Welcome to my brand new book blog.

I am obviously here because i love reading books. I have been one of the many teens plagued with the love of reading. Hopefully this blog actually works out. I always seem to start one but never follow through with it.

Let me introduce myself, i guess:

My name is Lupa. Great name, don't you think? I am a 15 year old book fanatic. I always have my nose buried in some type of book. I have many interests varying from reading to drawing. I love sports but find myself always getting hit in the head with something.

Some of my favorite authors would have to be Stephenie Meyer, Dan Brown, and Shannon Hale. Dont worry, i love all of the rest equally. My favorite book would have to be Searching for David's Heart. I know, its corny but it was the first book that really touched me. i actually did cry in it. It was what really started my love of reading.

Im really looking forward to reading and reviewing for all of you out there. I am always looking for feedback so just leave a comment. =)

-Lupa :D

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  1. Hey welcome to the world of teenage book blogging! Stop by my blog, Reading in Color anytime (right now would be best cuz I'm having an awesome giveaway). Feel free to leave me a comment/email if you have any questions.
    I really liked Gringolandia and Lyn is awesome!