Saturday, December 11, 2010

You Changed My Life by Max Lucado

"If someone has changed your life for the good, now is the time to celebrate by letting them know how much they matter.
Oftentimes true heroes of faith don’t stand out in the world, but they have made a lasting difference in someone’s life—they’re a hero to someone. This gift book celebrates their story by first providing a dedication beginning with “You changed my life by___” to be written in detail by the giver to the recipient. To follow are stories told by Max about others who have answered the call of their convictions and took steps of faith (both big and small) resulting in lasting change in the lives around them. It’s a message that honors the person who receives the book, and inspires us all to see that real people with remarkable hearts can change lives."

You changed my life is a collection of stories, all written by people who have been truly touched. It reveals incite associated with the good of the world. It is inspiring to know that there is still some good in the world. The book also has beautiful illustrations with each story. The quality of this book truly touches the soul.This book would be a great stocking stuffer, its small but it holds much to it. Although i am not religious, the overall message to this book is one that has long been forgotten by man kind. This book will reignite hope for all. 

Note: This book was given to me for review purposes. This review is my own opinion and I was in no way compensated for writing a good review.   Book provided by

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  1. I saw this review and wanted to let you know that Max Lucado has a free online devotional at the moment if you want some more Max in your day :)