Monday, November 23, 2009

Moon Rise by Marilee Brothers

Alfrieda Varlotta Emerson Purdy or Ally seemed like your regular teenager. She worried about school, boys and her family life. Ally however was not your average teenager, she was one of the chosen ones. After finding her powers, and fighting Trimarks, she finally feels she can take on her destiny. Only problem is that her powers are gone. Her mentor tells her that her mind has to heal itself, she thinks that theyre gone forever. To top it all off, Ally has to deal with the father he neglected her all her life. Now she must fulfill a prophecy that shes not sure she can deal with.

I honestly didn't like that story Moon Rise. One reason why I didn't like it is because the beginning didn't really capture my attention. I didn't know what was going on half the time and the writing didn't seem to appeal to me. I also didn't really have much interest in reading the book because I didn't read the first book. Reading it probably would have helped me understand the problem better. Another reason why I didn't like the book is because the character didn't seem to be written in a professional way. One good thing about this book however is that it followed a good plot. There is some potential behind the series. Overall I would recommend the book to anyone who likes to read teen books. This books has the problems everyone faces, just with a twist.

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