Monday, November 23, 2009

The Pricker Boy By Reade Scott Whinnem

What is with the woods that go beyond Widow's Stone? Not many know and those who do, usually aren't alive to tell the story. Stucks Cumberland has been living around the woods all his life. He has seen whats been lurking among the trees; he has seen it; a boy with gray skin and thorns growing off of his body. One day, Stucks and his friends find a package, one that is filled with old toys given up to the forest as an offering for the Pricker Boy. An offering given so that he'll forget their scent. After that package is found, Stucks and his summer friends are skeptical. Is there really something out there watching them from the forest. Does Pricker Boy really exist?

I would have to say that this has made it on the list of my favorite books. The thing that really stuck out to me the most was Cricket, and the mystery behind his silence. I kept on reading the book to try and find out why he hadn't talked for all that time. When I started reading the book I honestly could not put it down. Some of the pages did scare me but the author really described detailed settings. I felt like I was actually one of the the characters in the book, reading to venture into the woods. When I first saw the cover I wasnt really interested in what was going to happen. My point of view changed when I began the first couple of pages. I was immediately hooked. Another one of my favorite characters was Stucks. I felt that I could relate to him the most. I felt really bad for him because everyone thought he was basically loosing his mind. The ending my my jaw hang down and it left my mind with much to think about. I think everyone should read this book, no matter what you're into.

Rating: 4 stars

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