Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mercury By Hope Larson

Josey Fraser and Tara Fraser are your average American girls. They have boy issues, they worry about what they wear, and they don’t get along with family. The only thing is, that they live one hundred and fifty years apart. Josey meets a mysterious man, Asa Curry, who claims to have found gold on the Fraser Farm. Tara is dealing with moving in with her friend after her own house burned down. Josey quickly falls for mysterious Asa and soon realizes he is not the man that everyone thinks he is. Tara finds a pendant that turns out to be one of the greatest finds of her life.

I really did like the story line of this book. I was surprised when I opened the book and found pictures in the place of words. I loved how the author differentiated Tara and Josey’s point of view with different colored pages. The story did go slow and it was a bit confusing at some parts. Overall I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a quick read.

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